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About Me

I was born in Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Kiev. I started dance lessons when I was 5 years old... From the time I remember myself it was very fascinating to me, how the body’s condition and its movement can affect the emotions and the state of mind. When I was a teenager I took Hatha Yoga lesson and attended Agni Yoga lectures. In 1992, after two years of traveling in East Europe whilst forming part of Dance Performances, I came to Greece.

In Athens, I continued my Learning about the Body, Expression and Healing. I participated in different dance, theater, yoga, healing and Martial art workshops. I have also been educated as a dance teacher (ISTD), a holistic massage practitioner (EIOM), a reiki master (USUI, ANGELIC) and a sound healing practitioner (PETTER HESS). In 1995, I started giving dance lessons. Through my observations of the different types of bodies and my previous experience, I developed a system and began to implement it in my lessons. I called this “Remedy Gymnastics”.

In 2006, I began practicing Kundalini Yoga. My picture of the World was completed by these ancient teachings. In 2009, lead by great inspiration, I travelled to New Mexico, to the Land of Enchantment and attended Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training in the Kundalini Research Institute. Since then, the words of the great Teacher Yogi Bhajan have enlightened my way: “Your mind is your servant, Your body is your vehicle, Your soul is your residence.”

Today, I help people release stress, stiffness, pain, feel good in their bodies and to transform the emotions to a calm mind. I work through touch, movement, sound and breath. Individually with Holistic Massage & Sound Healing, in group with Remedy Gymnastics, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. I lead Healing Workshops and Yoga Seminars.

Anastasia Kulenko – Siri Santokh Kaur

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